wix hill livery fieldsLarge Rubber/Sand Arena (with mirrors, floodlights, full set of show jumps etc)

Large Rubber/Sand Lunge Arena

Large Boxes (Rubber Matting with a deep shavings bed on top, automatic waterers, well ventilated)

Good quality haylage and good quality feed

Horse Walker (4 horse with rubber floor)

Facility to hack from yard without any road work (access to beautiful Surrey Hills)

Evening Check

Excellent security with professional alarm system


And - 70 acres of beautiful well drained fields (on chalk) for great turnout all year round. We have access to some of the best hacking in the area and some of our fields are so picturesque they have been used in film/photo shoots.

Turnout is all day or all night during the warmer months of the year and in the winter months it is generally half day turnout. During those horrid snowy days we are lucky enough to have the walker and all the horses can stretch their legs safely. The yard is set at the end of a privately owned lane - one that the stables owns.